A Sinister Purpose II

This years festival season began pretty early. We took the train to Leipzig on the first weekend in February hunting for the second edition of „A sinister Purpose“. Besides the amazing bands which performed there, the city of Leipzig showed itself from the best side. Due to the lack of time I did, like I always do, a Free Walking Tour through the city of Leipzig and visited the most important places for tourists. I can recommend this art of touring in cities if you don’t have that much time.

The festival itself was located a few tram stations south of the city center at UT Connewitz. We had our apartment two minutes by foot away from the location, which was completely amazing. I was impressed by the location – an old Lichtspieltheater, which is used for cinema, concerts and others. Organisation wise no one can complain: Well priced (2.5€ for half liter beer) drinks, good sound, nice people. One thing was a little bit annoying: The sparse lightning at the merch table. Two days finest black metal accompanied by good friends – nothing can be better.

For all of you who go to Leizpig one time: Enjoy a Schnitzel and beer at “Am Kanal”, a really old school Taverne in the west of the Leipzig. Very basic and traditional, good and cheap meal and drinks and completely mixed visitors.

Since I am not good in writing bullshit texts here is the more interesting part:

The city of Leipzig

Festival and nightlife


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